By: FO2 Anna Liza L Tomas

GMA Ilocos, a local TV News Channel based in San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur, showed its support to the programs of the BFP Piddig headed by the OIC Municipal Fire Marshal, SFO3 Edison M Reyes.

Staff from the said TV station stated that they appreciate the activities being undertaken by the BFP Piddig. With this reason, as GMA is also having the mandate of delivering the best service to the public, express its willingness to be in partnership to the programs of the said BFP operating unit.
During the recently conducted Fire Prevention Month celebration, GMA Ilocos designed a streamer bearing this year’s Fire Prevention Month theme, the logo of the said TV station and the logo of the BFP. This streamer was displayed during the different activities conducted by the BFP Piddig. All activities were recorded and were aired on Balitang Ilokano, the afternoon news program of the said TV station.

Whistle, which the GMA regarded as Sandata on Sakuna, pin, face towels, and fan were also given to the participants of the different activities of the BFP Piddig.

With this, the OIC MFM said that this support from GMA Ilocos would greatly help the BFP in fire safety dessimination and will give the people better understanding of the BFP as an agency of public service. It will also motivate the participants to participate and support in the activities by the BFP considering that freebies, which they regard as souvenirs, will be given, and the fact that they will have a chance to be starred in the TV news program Balitang Ilokano.