Abuse is prevalent in our society because of its paternal structure, male / father being the head of the family, women are most likely the victims. The act comes in many forms, mental, physical, financial etc.
In 2012 as reported by Philippine National Police – Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC), there are total of 15,969 cases of violence on women. Among the top 3 are abuse husbands or live-in partners, physical injuries, and rape.
BFP Piddig headed by SFO3 Edison M Reyes joins PNP and other agencies in the conduct of 18-day campaign to help end the violence against women. In conducting lectures/seminar on laws on the protection of children and women, drug symposium and disaster preparedness to the Punong Barangay and secretaries of the municipality.




What started out as a physical routine to stay physically and mentally fit have turned into a sport. Joining different running events organized various organizations and other groups of professional runners in Ilocos Norte.
For the year 2012 and 2013,, SFO3 Edison M Reyes, FO3 Grayson D Austria, FO1 Jannsen Paul C Agra and FO1 Jonathan Marcus B Salvador, the runners of BFP Piddig, have participated different running events like Immukki Trail Run 25km at Batac City; 10km and 21km Million Volunteer Run for the purpose of fund raising for the bloodletting activity and Run-a-Wheek for the PWD beneficiaries, both organized by the PNRC-Laoag City Chapter; Salun-at Run 10km for the needy patients of MMMH&MC; Warrior run 16km (Takbo para sa Edukasyon); the 1st and 2nd Hardcore Marathon 42km; also the 80km Ultra Marathon S2N (Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte) which aims in promoting clean air as a support to the anti-pollution program Ilocos Norte and it aims to promote tourist spots, heritage site and legacies of the Ilocos Region; The 2nd Ilocos Challenge 50km Ultra Marathon, the 42km Laoag Marathon, the Fitness Run Trilogy 21km Half Marathon, which were organized by the Bad Circle Runners and Team Kimat Runners.
Other running events participated were 65km Ultra Marathon “The Battle of Bessang Pass, the Tiger’s Last Growl” which followed the route from Candon City to Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and the 50km Ultra Marathon which aimed in promoting tourism and anti-air pollution program and were organized by the Tarayem Runners group.
As an attestation to benefits of running, SFO3 Reyes and FO3 Austria, who were once suffered from medical problems like diabetes and arthritis are now demonstrating a very great improvement on their health, with no recurrent signs and symptoms of joint pain caused by arthritis, no elevation of blood pressure (BP) and no signs of hyperclycemia and hypoglycaemia brought about by unstable sugar (glucose) level in the blood (Diabetes Type II. Which led to improved self-esteem to the highest leel and most of all, health status through running, enjoying life with a healthy and fit body.



The hardworking men and women of BFP is now reaping the fruit of their labour and dedication through effective fire safety awareness campaign as it recorded considerable decrease in the number of fire incidents in CY 2013 as compared in CY 2012. Furthermore, as per office record, there are 4 incidents in 2012 and only 1 fire incident in 2013.
The supportive Local Government of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte recently purchased and entrusted 1 Epson multimedia projector and 1 LG room air conditioner to its local fire station. The projector will further enhance the delivery of information and education in conducting Barangay Ugnayan and lectures in elementary and secondary schools.
The room air conditioner meanwhile poses a major facelift in the office area and gives convenience to transacting clients. These upgrades came in just in time where the BFP building finished repair, repainting and construction of a garage for an additional fire truck.
This endeavour of the LGU Pasuquin led by the Local Chief Executive, HON. FELIX D AGUINALDO JR., is a crystal clear manifestation of their undying support to the bureau. The admirable relationship of the LGU Pasuquin and its local BFP Fire Station has developed significantly and geared towards excellent delivery of public service.



24 October 2013, 4 o’clock in the afternoon at Johnson Function Hal, Laoag City held the induction of officers of an association organized by the retirees and pensioners of BFP Ilocos Norte.
Active BFP personnel headed by SINSP JOSEPH A ICUPIT, Acting Provincial Fire Marshal BFP joined the program to witness the swearing-in of officers who once served and offered their lives to save the lives of others.
SINSP ICUSPIT averred that BFP Ilocos Norte entrusts the officers the duty to look into the welfare of the association they lead. He also added that BFP members, who are still in the active service, will always be willing to lend a hand for the good of the organization.
SSUPT ALOVEEL B FERRER,DPA, Regional Director, BFP R1, the Guest of Honor and Speaker/ Inducting Officer, shared his superb ideas and philosophies during the program. Before he ends his message, he congratulated BFP Ilocos Norte for it is the only province in Region 1 who has this kind of organization.
As other programs, it was indeed exciting as the retirees/pensioners and other particifpants rendered their surprise numbers to entertain the attendees.
The program ends with an open forum with the Regional Director. A lavish dinner commenced the program.



“As Nueva Era grows towards progress, having its own fire defense is more than a necessity” says Hon. Mayor Atty. AldrinGarvida during the ceremony held for the official activation of the Nueva Era Fire Station. July 18, 2013 at 0800H when the BFP Ilocos Norte Provincial Office headed by SINSP JOSEPH A ICUSPIT formally inducted the said station thru the Turnover of Personnel of the Bureau of Fire Protection to the Local Government Unit of Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte headed by its local chief executive, Hon. Mayor Atty. Aldrin R. Garvida and was accompanied by the Sanguniang Bayan headed by Hon. Vice Mayor Caroline A Garvida.

This momentous event for the LGU came to reality after a series of long and comprehensive coordination between the LGU and the BFP Regional Command. April of 2013 when the LGU purchased a Fuso Fire engine and renovated and dedicated its former public market to house the station in order to show their eagerness to have their own branch of the country’s prime fire protection agency. The fire truck and the building was lent to the bureau for use through a memorandum of agreement between the LGU represented by Hon. Mayor Atty. Aldrin R Garvida and the BFP by the very active Regional Director, SSUPT ALOVEEL B FERRER, DSC. Manning the station are SFO2 Dominador B Ignacio as its first OIC Municipal Fire Marshal, FO1 Feliciano Lazaro as the Operations NCO/FSI/FAI, FO1 April M Alop as the Admin NCO/CA, FO1 Gabriel G Solano as FSES NCO/FSI/BPE, FO1Paul Mark M PATI as the EMS NCO/ Finance NCO and FO1 Michael John T Silvestre as LOG/ SAO NCO.

Immediately, a few days after its activation, Nueva Era Fire Station executed its mandate by inspecting primary buildings in the municipality intensifying it more in the succeeding weeks thereafter. Part of its initial accomplishments includes the intensified fire safety campaign thru fire safety lectures held at Nueva Era Central School on 21 October 2013, Nueva Era National High School on 18 November 2013and Adriano P Arzadon High School on 16 December 2013. These lectures were also accompanied by the fire suppression drills for the barangay tanod in the area empowering the community with measures to execute in case of fire emergency.

In the coming months, the station laid down work plans to intensify its fire safety campaigns holding more Ugnayansa Barangay and community dialogues. This is in order to fully extend its services to the people of Nueva Era as it execute its mandate of maintaining fire safety in its AOR.

article by: FO1 Gabriel G Solano


The Local Government of Dingras, Ilocos Norte headed by Hon. Erdio Valenzuela, Municipal Mayor has once again showed his undying support to the BFP by donating another fir truck to its local fire station, for use in times of emergencies.

The turnover of said firetruck was held at the Municipal Hall, Dingras, Ilocos Norte on 18 1400H July 2013. Hon Erdio Valenzuela led the turnover of the said firetruck to BFP Dingras headed by INSP ARNEL B RATUITA, Municipal Fire Marshal, in the presence of members of BFP PHQ Ilocos Norte headed by SINSP JOSEPH A ICUSPIT, APFM and other fire Marshals of the Province.

Mayor Valenzuela averred that the additional firetruck enhances the quality of service that the Dingras Fire Station provides especially during fire calls and other calamities.

BFP Ilocos Norte headed by SINSP JOSEPH A ICUSPIT, APFM together with INSP ARNEL B RATUITA are very much thankful to the unending support and lauded the Local Government of Dingras for being responsive to all necessities of BFP. It is noted that recently, said LGU prioritized the renovation of Dingras FS and turned over a Honda Wave motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the APFM of this province also assigned two (2) BFP personnel namely FO1 FreshnelMatute and FO1 Christian Butac in addition to the 5 members of said station unit.

This endeavor by LGU Dingras strengthens the capacity of its local fire station to institutionalize measures for reducing catastrophe risk, and enhancing preparedness and response capabilities at all levels.

article by:  FO1 Frances Diana C Pascua BFP



Laginghanda! – The motto of the Boy Scout of the Philippines. It depicts the readiness of the youth to serve, train as responsible leaders contribute ion nation building. A maxim that is identical to the Bureau of Fire Protection’s battle cry; to protect and serve. Hence, the BFP Bacarra personnel successfully conducted information drive on disaster preparedness during the joint BSP and GSP Jamboree on November 8, 2013. The event was held at Dademan Elementary School municipality of Pasuquin.

With the active leadership of Municipal Fire Marshal, INSP REYNALDO M DOMINGO, all personnel were able to discuss topics to include first-aid training, knot tying and drill. The activity was undertaken efficiently and the BFP organization left a positive impact to the scouts, teachers and the parents as well.

article by: FO1 Joseph Alvin P Garo