Vintar Fire Station: House to House Inspection


Personnel of Vintar Fire Station, Ilocos Norte conducted  house to house inspection at Barangay Margaay last March 2014. Checked LPG tank, storage & hose leakage and circuit breaker.


Typewriter No More!

Typewriter No More!

FO1 Sheryll Joy B Manayan

The Local Government Unit of Vintar, Ilocos Norte headed by Hon. Mayor Jose G. Foronda newly purchased and relinquished one (1) unit of Epson L210 Printer and one (1) computer set with AOC Flat Screen Monitor to its local Fire Station for the utilization of BFP Personnel of Vintar, headed by SFO2 Reynold A Aguinaldo as the OIC Municipal Fire Marshal.
With the continued support of the LGU, the BFP Vintar Fire Station is very much grateful of these given items because of dynamism, everything is forever changing. As time keeps on running, we must keep on chasing while serving, we should be evolving. Personal computer plus printer equals better and faster public service.
Indeed the agency (BFP) was attaining its vision which is working towards progressive society. Thank you for this equipment upgrade.